Jerzify Yourself!

This project was too much fun. It was a whirlwind development effort; I worked in a team of 4 and we turned it around in a week.

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One City Identity/Website

One City is a nonprofit foundation that provides food for needy families in Jersey City. I designed their logo as well as their website, and developed the site in WordPress so that the client could easily update it.

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Brand messages are pervasive in contemporary culture and create a language of symbols and ideas attached to commodities. Often in the public sphere, our belongings signify our identity more than words, but this product-based communication is only tacitly understood.

‘Branded!’ is a satirical web application that subverts this “semiotics of stuff.” Ostensibly backed by the expertise of “consumerologists,” it asks the user questions about his/her personal tastes and consumption habits. The user is then “branded” with a personal barcode depicting the ratio of stereotypes (e.g. yuppie, hipster, etc.) present in her consumer personality. She is also labeled with a sarcastic description of her perceived identity and given product suggestions based on her taste.

Parsons Fashion Benefit Site

This site for the Parsons Fashion Benefit is a collaboration between RGA and five Parsons students (myself included). My personal contribution was to design and code the video player; all the work came together really well and I’m pleased with our result.

Night of Lights

Night of Lights was a group solution to the challenge of creating a design intervention in a public space. We chose to use the circular pool in Madison Square Park to stage our interactive event, and took advantage of the pool’s constant circular motion to create the dynamics of the interaction. One evening, we set out hundreds of tea lights in small floating containers around the pool. People passing by could stop, light a candle, and place it among the group of floating candles.

La Maison de Colette

La Maison de Colette was a fun and whimsical website I at Parsons made for my cat, Colette. I enjoyed making the illustrations, and built the site in a combination of flash, css, and html.


Heidi is a prototype for a collection of interactive jewelry featuring RFID technology. Each piece carries an embedded RFID tag which holds the user’s profile information, and can be viewed and edited through a Flash interface. The concept was to allow the user to imbue the jewelry with aspects of her identity and to change it dynamically, in the same way that she might update her facebook page. Users can view each other’s profiles in passing via accompanying RFID readers, and ideally through RFID-enabled mobile phones. The result is a product-based social network that lives in both the physical and the virtual realm.


Luminairies are small lights that illuminate when the wind is blowing. They are meant to be installed in the trees in Union Sq as an urban intervention, but have many other applications. By infusing the currents of air in the park with actual electrical current, luminairies visualize the natural climate to the park’s visitors. It is my goal that this fusion of electric and organic will make passersby more aware of the ebb and flow of their natural surroundings.

A Walk in the Sea

This multichannel video piece is meant to express the synchronicity and interconnectivity of the human experience. In the beginning, the protagonist feels cut off from the world, and goes for a walk to regain perspective. He makes fleeting connections with various characters, and in the end realizes his problems and anxieties are insignificant in relation to the grand scheme of the world.

Portfolio 1.0

This was a version of my portfolio site I authored in Flash (AS2). I abandoned it for a simpler and more robust interface, but I like this piece as an experimental navigational structure. It’s built around the principles of the Golden Ratio, or Phi. Visit Site

Flink NYC

Flink was a group project with the goal of facilitating interaction in a public space.

Jazz Concert Poster

I made this poster for a traditional typography class; it’s inspired by the work of Josef Müller-Brockman.

Caslon Type Specimen

I made this type specimen in a typography course; the assignment was to use traditional principles but to subvert them as well. The text for the specimen is from “The Long March,” by Max Bruinsma, and it’s about revolution and design.

Times Square Multichannel

This was my first exploration with multichannel editing, and I had fun experimenting with different compositions and layering techniques. Shot on a Canon XL2, music by Daft Punk.